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Eliminate Corrosion Forever

Double-Suction Impellers

Double-Suction Impellers

Non-Clogging Impellers

Non-Clogging Impellers

Open-Faced Impellers

Open-Faced Impellers

Single-Suction-High Specific Speed Impellers

High Specific Speed Impellers

Single-Suction-Low Specific Speed Impellers

Low Specific Speed Impellers

Simsite® Impellers & Casing Rings Never Corrode in Sea Water, Waste Water, Sewage, River Water, Chlorinated Water, and are Great with Most Chemicals.

Our Impellers

Sims Since 1919


  • Double-Suction Impellers
  • Non-Clogging Impellers
  • Open-Faced Impellers
  • Single-Suction High Specific Speed Impellers
  • Single-Suction Low Specific Speed Impellers

Call Us for Pump Impellers Impervious to Salt Water Corrosion

Our impellers are engineered to last!


Minimize your downtime and maintenance costs with durable pump impellers and casing rings from Sims Since 1919 of Hoboken, New Jersey. Our innovative products NEVER corrode in sea, waste, sewage, river, or chlorinated water and are great with most chemicals.

In business since 1919, we have always put quality first. All of our products are machined in the United States and none of them have been cast or molded.

Can Make Impellers & Rings for Any Centrifugal Pump

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